CAD Manager/Support

Unfortunately, in these times of “lean manufacturing”, outsourcing and cost cutting, Cad Support and Cad Managers are one of the first affected in downsizing. Here is a basic question: What if you had an opportunity to share these resources? Would you do it? Could that benefit your company? Could it save money with no employee healthcare and 401k? Could it save your company time? If your answer is YES, then you are in luck. That is exactly what YourCad.Guru is offering and more. With YourCad.Guru, you have someone who has 20+ years of experience as a CAD Manager and Design Engineer and a former Autodesk Support Employee who continues to have direct connections with Autodesk. That means that any issues get escalated for quicker support, bugs and fixes are known early and fixes are readily available. This reduces your risk of downtime.

We are always on the newest versions of all software. We also offer any Autodesk software training for your employees.