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yourcad.guru mike davis

My name is Michael Davis and I've been designing in 3d for over 20 yrs. now.

First, thank you for coming to my website I hope you find it informative...
Let me start with some of my cad background history. I started out on AutoCAD R12, moving on to MDT (Mechanical Desktop) then finally Inventor 5.0/5.3. I started out working at a Prototype Automotive supplier in 1992. Where I start out on AutoCAD with Zero drafting experience. I was hired for my quick learning computer skills. Within a year I was showing my fellow designers tips and tricks to get things done faster. I was writing basic and multi-command lisps routines in the beginning. Over the years my love for designing grew. I seeked out as much knowledge as I could of AutoCAD and MDT.

This lead me to work for various resellers in the Metro Detroit and Chicago area. But my true love was 2d/3d designing. Eventually an opportunity came to work at Autodesk (Novi, Michigan) in Global Support. I jumped on it, work for a company whose software I loved... who wouldn't!

This is also where I had my first experience with Autodesk Inventor. Unfortunately, a brief time later Autodesk started cutting back and outsourcing to India...and I became a casualty of that cutback. However, that didn't stop my love and design for Autodesk Inventor.

I jumped right back into the Designer /Cad Manager seat for the next 15 years. Designing tooling for the Big Three, Toyota and various other Automotive related business. Then came the Automotive and Banking industry crash ...

I was lured down to Charlotte NC to become a Cad Supervisor/Designer for a Waste Water Plant design company. I completely revamped their Inventor setup. This included everything from Standard Templates, Part Libraries, Standard Libraries, Vault, Basic ilogic to how the designers designed.5 years later another fantastic opportunity presented itself, I started working for a Special machines builder with 2 locations Germany and one in the USA for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic markets

Oct 2016, I started working full time for myself, providing Training / Support / Installation of various Autodesk products via my own company YCG Inc.

March 2015, I became an Autodesk Expert Elite member.