Mechanical Design

Need help with getting your design projects done? We can do just that for you.

CAD Manager/Support

Do you need a manager/support for your CAD team? Let us help with your team.

3D Rendering

Are you looking to get your models looking great as they can? We have got you covered.


Welcome to (YCG) the one place for all of your CAD and Autodesk needs. We have over 20 years in CAD and 3D designing that we are willing to help share with you and your business to help with your CAD needs. We can help you with everything from Mechanical Design Engineering to 3D printing, tutorials to CAD management, and more. Let us know today how our team of Autodesk Expert Elite members can help you today.

I am excited to bring my skillset with an individual personal touch as I team with businesses through the Autodesk’s Services Marketplace. My skillset will include CAD Management, Employee Training, Consulting & Professional Services, and Software Development & Customization and more. Please view my website or email me for a full list of services. YCG has something to offer your business, whether you have 500 or 2 employees. With my knowledge and connections, I look forward to supporting your needs whether it just a onetime support or by helping you to achieve your long term goals.

CAD Manager/Support

Are you stuck with something on your CAD projects? Are you pulling out your hair trying to figure out how to do that one thing in Autodesk? can help you with just that. With our CAD support group can help you with all of your CAD and Autodesk needs. YCG can help individuals or your team of designers with one of our certified Autodesk professionals to teach them about the programs and what is coming to the programs next.

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yourcadguru cad training


Does your team need to be refreshed on Autodesk or need to learn about the new features coming to Autodesk? YCG can help with training your engineering team with Autodesk software.'s certified Autodesk professionals can help you with tutoring your team, getting them up to speed, and hitting the ground running.

3D Printing

Are you needing a rapid prototype or are interested in 3D printing? YCG can work with you to show you how to get your projects ready for 3D printing. We can also help you get in contact with one of the biggest 3D printer in the country based right out of here in North Carolina.

yourcadguru 3D printing

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