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I am Michael Davis, a former Autodesk Tech Support employee with a continued passion for Autodesk products. For the past several years, I have been assisting Autodesk and their customers through the Expert Elite and the Autodesk/Directly support programs. I am now offering services through my own company, YCG I am excited to bring my skillset with an individual personal touch as I team with businesses through the Autodesk’s Services Marketplace. My skillset will include CAD Management, Employee Training, Consulting & Professional Services, and Software Development & Customization and more. Please view my website or email me for a full list of services. YCG has something to offer your business, whether you have 500 or 2 employees. With my knowledge and connections, I look forward to supporting your needs whether it just a onetime support or by helping you to achieve your long term goals. mike davis

CAD Management

With my 20+ years of CAD Managing, I am looking forward to helping you in any and all CAD managing tasks. These tasks include styles & standards, document management (Vault/PLM), training (whether one person or your whole team), Software upgrades (including hot fixes, patches, enhancements installation), annual software upgrades , license management & compliance, day to day computer/software issues, etc. With my inside relationships with Autodesk, Expert Elites, other experts (CAD Managers in these fields), I am able to learn about issues, conflicts, and other problems related to Autodesk software. In doing so, I am able to offer possible solutions, work arounds, or fixes faster. In return, I will save you from down time and loss of revenue.

Employee Training

With the software industry being so diverse and ever evolving, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the correct program for the job at hand. Even once you have made a decision, it can be even harder to find employees who all have common training in the same workflows. I have seen and heard this over and over again. I have 20+ years of CAD managing and have spent the last 3 years attending Autodesk University as a speaker and educator. I have hosted classes that have involved many topics including: complete overview of the software, 2D, 3D, styles & standards, hardware & software, 3D PDF, 3D printing and more. The positive reception received from these classes and through my daily support via Autodesk/Directly has prompted me to offer training through YourCadGuru. I specialize in problem solving, new employee training, updated/new program integration, software trouble shooting and utilization review, etc. I will customize, prep and deliver training to your satisfaction. Types of training that I offer are: in house, remote, Webinar, phone, or electronic. Don’t let productivity suffer, submit an inquiry for training today.

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Consulting & Professional Services

In my 20+ years of consulting services, I have assisted companies large and small in outlining the best course for their projects and/or work flow. As your consultant, I will look over your process from servers to end users PCs, hardware to software and everything in between. Together we will find a solution to make your processes easier, faster and more profitable long term without compromising quality while assuring Licensing Compliance. Through YourCadGuru, I will be able to provide flexible types of services with 24/7 support and I am excited to bring these services to the Autodesk Services Marketplace. Need a call? Need an hour? Need a day? Need… you name it? I am available for onsite, link, phone call, or whatever you need. Please follow link to see additional information.

Software Development & Customization

A craftsman is only as good as his tools. For that reason, I have dedicated 20+ years to assisting customers with everything from installation and upgrades to custom builds suitable for any job. You tell me the scope of your work, and I will recommend or build a device to meet your specific work needs. Don’t let your tools hold you back! Send me request for analysis and consultation of current tools or needs.

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